MyBizby.com was built to give small businesses and organizations across the world a messaging platform where they can advertise for free and stay connected to the people that keep them going..…you!! It’s Simple, Secure and Free for everyone.

Here’s how it works:

When you sign up for MyBizby you will be able search and “favorite” businesses or organizations that you want to be connected to. It could be a coffee shop, a local gym, a church or a small diner down the street. When you select your “favorites” they will be saved and listed on your MyBizby home screen in the order that you choose. You will then select what time of day you wish to receive your deals or messages. From that day forward and at that specific time you will receive a well-organized email displaying all of the deals or messages that have been sent by the places you selected as favorites. If you would choose to stop receiving messages from anyone you simply log on, remove them from your list and they will no longer be able to contact you. That business or organization will NEVER know who you are and no one will ever have access to your email address which means you’ll have complete privacy and NO MORE SPAM!!

And it’s just as easy for business owners and organizations to send messages or deals to the users that have selected them as a favorite. After a short verification process you will have your own page with options to send deals or messages to the users that have selected you as a favorite. You can send what you want when you want and you can be sure that your customers or followers are seeing your deals and messages every time you send them.

Join today and see how MyBizby can work for you!

The MyBizby Team